Welcome to Riverbend Branding! I created Riverbend as a means to project my creative abilities in the form a business while simultaneously inspiring creativity, curiosity, and adventure in everyone I meet! I have always dreamed of working for myself and owning my own business, and while that dream is now a reality, it’s still in the beginning stages. I am not able to consider myself a full-fledged freelancer yet due to the fact that I have a full time job, but in time freelance will become a reality. The good news is you guys get to help me out along the way and enjoy watching the company grow!

So, you may ask, why “Riverbend?” For starters, Riverbend plays off of my last name “Rivers,” but more than that, it’s a metaphor for the excitement, curiosity, and adventure that my brand has in store; new discoveries are just around the corner!  Admittedly, the word just has a nice ring to it and makes me excited for what the day has in store for my work. That’s when you know you have a winner, folks.

You may also wonder, “Is he really read to do this?” To which I will say to you, yes I am and I can tell you why in one word: Curiosity. I never want to wake up one day and wonder what could have been or what I would have done, if just given the chance. That’s not how life works for me.

I decided, after months of deliberation and planning, that I would never truly be ready to start. Think about it; what is the scariest part of doing something new? For me, it’s fear. Fear of the unknown is usually the main antagonist in a new adventure, but after talking with my peers and friends in the design community, I learned that you just have to dive in. There is no sense in being afraid of the possibilities of maybes, if, ands, or buts. If you constantly find yourself afraid of putting yourself out there, you’ll always end up stuck in a limbo between going with your passion and settling for what’s easy. Once I figured this out, I decided it was time to put useless fears aside and simply begin.

Fast forward a few months and here you have it; Riverbend Branding has launched, friends and family have shown tremendous support, and I have never been happier. So, for all of you out there wondering “Am I readyCan I do this? Or, Should I really move forward with this?” I say to you: DIVE IN. Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to put your best foot forward. Discover what makes you happy, figure out your strengths (or your superpowers as Diane Gibbs calls them), and use them to your advantage! You have more friends than you know to help guide you along the way, but if you ever need a little extra encouragement, Riverbend Branding will always be here to help you find your way.