Hey Everybody!

I often find myself getting wrapped up in my creative process. I dive into it head first, and come up for air hours later, realizing I had gone all that time without documenting any of the beauty of the process!

Today’s blog is going to change that. In hopes of giving you a little intro to illustration, and a look inside my head. The goal is to walk you through how I normally approach my personal illustrations, and get you inspired to start playing around with your own!

The first thing I do is go to my happy place a.k.a my office. It’s important to have a space to call your own, where you can work, without distractions and really focus on the process.

I also like to have a few comfort items with me, like my coffee, to keep me motivated and satisfied during the long and time consuming sketching phase.

I also like to turn off my notifications, mail app, and anything else that could distract me while I’m working. Instead I like to have music playing in the background to keep the good vibes going!

Once I’m happy with the final sketch, I grab some tracing paper and start to refine those scribbles into something more established. Once I have traced over the entire image, and moved things around to where I want them, I transfer my image to the computer.

I recommend using a scanner, but if you don’t have one, a high quality photo from your phone should do just fine!

Once my image has been scanned onto the computer, I begin working in Adobe illustrator. Its my go-to platform when I want to make fun practice illustrations.

I also personally like to use my wacom tablet to help make the process a little smoother, but if you don’t have this, your mouse and the pen tool are the next best thing!

Once I have successfully vectorized my illustration, I start playing around with colors, textures, and multiple copies of certain areas to bring the illustration to life!

As you can see below, this illustration went through quite a few changes before it reached a version I could call the final one!

Finally, after a few hours, I have arranged a version of my illustration that I’m happy with.

The end result is shown above, and just to give it a little something extra, I added a wood panel background.

That’s it! You now know a little more about how I approach my projects. You’ll notice a lot of my beginning pieces didn’t make it to the final cut, but that’s okay! It’s the beauty in the process. You get to make up your own rules!

I hope this little walkthrough helps you get inspired to get out there and start creating!

Come back next Sunday for another fun filled blog on illustration!